Unique floor clocks by Lunder

Clocks made with love and attention from the finest Styrian wood

The uniqueness of our floor clocks brings a feeling of homeliness into any dwelling, filling the space with calmness as well as the memories of times passed. Clocks are carefully crafted with love and care from Styria’s finest wood with inbuilt Kieninger movement.

These clocks were designed with all those who love beautiful things in mind. They are a cherished gift for business partners, and could also be given as presents on special occasions and important anniversaries.

For the beauty enthusiasts.


Unique floor clocks are made from cherry, apple, pear and walnut woods. Wood selected originates from selected farmlands of Styria and is especially chosen for the making of our clocks. It is naturally seasoned as well as dried in heated ovens. The finished product is coated with natural oils and beeswax.

The clocks are designed in the Biedermaier style but could accommodate your wishes or your home’s décor as well.

 Dimensions of floor clocks:

Height: 212 cm
Width: 63 cm
Depth: 34 cm


Each clock comes with a record of the origin of the tree, the owner as well as the year of planting. The clock’s name originates from the family’s personal name.


The inbuilt movement of our clocks comes from a renowned German manufacturer Kieninger. It has got three clock weights and a seven-day movement.

It is possible to choose from three different chimes: Westminster Quarters, St. Michael’s chimes and Wittington.

The chosen chime has got a quarter-hour chime sequence. At the top of each hour, the full chime sequence sounds, immediately followed by the hour strike.

The movement allows for the chime to stop from 10.15 pm until 7.00 am and has two years’ guarantee.


Baby cradles are made from especially chosen cherry, pear, alder and apple woods. They are made to resemble old cradles but come with a modern twist, modified to suit our present-day needs. They are coated with natural oils and beeswax.

It comes as a swinging cradle suspended from a special frame on wheels that can be safely stopped, but also features a rocking base for the second rocking option.

Cradle dimensions:

Lenght: 109 cm
Height: 102 cm
Width: 80 cm

Mattress dimensions:

Lenght: 90,5 cm
Width: 42,5 cm